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As 2016 Becomes 2017

“Friends are giddy, caviar is glistening, the old year is ending
and the new year is whatever I say it is.”
– Lisa Kogan

new year 2017 at beach

Following is a fun and empowering exercise I do every year at this time. It is ideal for celebrating the most significant aspects of the year ending and for preparing to experience the best possible new year. Print out the questions. Take your time. Enjoy!

Bask in every delicious moment you can recall!

gold starWhat successes, accomplishments, manifestations are you most proud of? (Acknowledge all your accomplishments, no matter how small.)

gold starWhen did you have the most fun / the most pure enjoyment?

gold starWhat experiences were the most fulfilling for you?

gold starWho /what do you most appreciate from 2016?

gold starWhat new realizations and understandings are you taking with you into 2017?

Think BIG! Think BOLD! Think YES, I CAN!

gold starWhat is your most heartfelt desire for 2017?

gold starWhat are your health and fitness goals?

gold starWhat desires do you have around relationships?

gold starWhat are your desires for spiritual growth?

gold starWhat career goals do you intend to achieve in 2017?

gold starWhat are your financial goals for the next twelve months?

gold starWhat are your desires for creativity and self-expression?

gold starHow do you want to FEEL this year?

Wishing you all the love and joy,  peace and ease, fulfillment and prosperity you can stand!


The Infinite Power of Your Mind

inside of a mindMy sister broke her wrist a few months ago and, although she is still in pain and has nowhere near full use of her wrist, both the surgeon and the physical therapist are telling her not to expect much more improvement.  After talking with her by phone, I wrote her a note to further encourage her and help her remember her power.  With a few edits, here is that email:   [Read More. . .]

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The Magic of Feeling Go(o)d

“There are no rules to this game of life. There is just an
incessant quest that is within you to FEEL GOOD.”
– Abraham-Hicks

people jumping up and down feeling goodOK, so I kinda stole this “FEEL GO(O)D” title from the book, Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d by Candace Pert, Ph.D. Some of you may remember Pert from the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know!? or you may know her from her Hay House workshops. So, yes, I borrowed her “FEEL GO(O)D” idea because it is so perfect.

“FEEL GO(O)D” says it all. It clarifies that Feeling Good and Feeling God are one and the same. It’s a reminder that when your vibration is sky high, when you’re feeling your very best, you are your most connected with Source / God / your Inner Being. The better you feel, the stronger your connection. The Less Good you feel, the Less God you feel.

“Feeling good isn’t just physical or emotional, but spiritual, which is where God – or whatever aspect of divinity you can relate to – comes in,” writes Pert. She reports coming to a place where she no longer sees feeling good and feeling God as separate.

“If you’re connected to the divine, you’ll always feel fine!”
– Adam Helfer

Many people ask, “What’s the point of just feeling good?” They say, “Give me what I want. When I have what I want, then I’ll feel good.” They say, “I’ll feel good when . . .”  Well, here’s the thing. You’ve got to feel good first. When you Feel Go(o)d first, you align with Source. When you align with Source, you become a vibrational match to your desires and your desires manifest.

Not only is Feeling Good a magnet for your desires, it’s also the real reason you want the job / relationship / money / health / sleek physique, etc. What you really want – every single time – is to FEEL GO(O)D!

Pert concludes, “at the end of the day, all people really want to know is how to feel good.” And, according to Pert, the very best way to feel good (and thus to feel God) is TO LOVE and to start by loving yourself. She suggests, “If you want to feel good, I can tell you this: Just love.”

“If you had one goal, and that was to feel good,
you would never again need to hear another word from anyone.
You would live successfully and happily
and in a way of fulfilling your life’s purpose ever after.”

– Abraham-Hicks

More good news from Dr. Pert’s research is that humans are hardwired to experience pleasure due to the abundance of receptors for bliss chemicals located in our frontal cortex. Hardwired for pleasure! Bliss chemicals! Yay!

When you Feel Go(o)d, you create a reality that Feels Go(o)d. When you Feel Go(o)d, you’re a magnet for circumstances that Feel Go(o)d.

If you have an unshakeable desire to Feel Go(o)d, you will make every decision based on whether it Feels Go(o)d or not. If you make Feeling Go(o)d your primary focus, you will live from a place of connection. You will Feel Good and you will Feel God.

My wish for you, dear friend, is to FEEL GO(O)D all the time – plugged in to Source, happy and at ease, healthy-wealthy-wise, fulfilled, inspired, passionate, enthusiastic, confident, energized, appreciative, and loving.

You’re hardwired to experience pleasure, so go for it.




A Complaint-Free Week

“When you complain, you make yourself a victim. 
Leave the situation, change the situation, or accept it. 
All else is madness.”
– Eckhart Tolle



Complaining, griping, kvetching – we all do it, right?
Complaining can be a habit and, for most of us, it’s pretty easy to get others to commiserate with us.  It can even feel anti-social not to join in someone else’s bitch session.  But is complaining really a habit worth continuing?

Facebook Memories reminded me I had engaged in a complaint-free week in 2011.  It was an interesting and revealing week.  Here’s a recap:

Day #1.  For the next seven days, I’m committed to living a Complaint-Free life.  Zero tolerance for complaining or blaming.

[I got the idea from Will Bowen, the founder of an organization called A Complaint Free World.  I posted my commitment and invited Facebook friends to join in.]

Day #2.  It’s natural to notice things we don’t like. That’s the contrast that inspires desire. The contrast also sets up a crossroads. We can complain and attract more of what we don’t like OR we can make peace with what-is, focus on what we prefer and attract more of the good stuff.

[I get to choose how I respond and it matters very much what I choose.  As A Course in Miracles proclaims, “I could choose love instead!”  Or fun . . . or joy . . . or . . . ]

Day #3.  I notice my tendency to complain when I have to wait – at the chiropractor’s office, checking out at the grocery store, etc. I’m wondering – Is complaining a response to feeling powerless?

[It may feel like I’m taking my power back when I complain, but complaining actually lowers my vibration and exacerbates my feeling of powerlessness.]

Day #4.  The weather forecast calls for a high of 108 here in Austin. Rather than complaining about the heat, I intend to appreciate the air conditioning and imagine cool crisp fall weather coming.

[My neighbor was bemoaning the heat wave that day and I responded that I’d love to join in but I had committed to a complaint-free week.  We both laughed.]

Day #5.  I bet if we REALLY got it that we create our own reality, instead of complaining about a reality we don’t like, we’d get busy creating a reality we prefer.

[Complaining only brings us more to complain about.]

“Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Day #6. If I say it’s too damn hot or this traffic sucks or why did she cut my hair so short, I’m complaining. If I say it’s really hot, there’s a lot of traffic today, she sure cut my hair short this time, I’m noticing. One is a complaint and one is an observation.  And the vibrational difference is huge.

[This was a fun realization.  I can notice what-is without complaining about it.]

Day #7.  Calls to customer service departments have often been less than a cakewalk for me so I set a strong intention before calling AT&T today.  It worked!  I sailed through the entire call without complaint and proved that – with the right attitude – I can enjoy every moment of this physical life experience.

[How empowering to know that it’s possible to enjoy any situation.  Well, if not enjoy, at least accept.]

Revisiting my Complaint-Free Week reminded me:

gold starhow much easier it is to maintain a high vibration when I refuse to give in to blaming and complaining.
gold starI can always choose a better feeling response.
gold starinstead of complaining about a reality I don’t like, I can focus on the reality I prefer and, thus, create a better feeling experience.

Today I’m beginning another complaint-free week.  I’m super determined to find something positive about every situation.  Why?  Because it feels better to light a candle than to curse the darkness!

Will you join me?


Do You Really Care What Other People Think Of You?

Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.“What will the neighbors think?” That seemed to be the main concern of my parents when I was growing up.

As much as I rebelled against it at the time, and as much as that concern always felt like bondage to me, and as much as I really did see it as an example of how NOT to live, I still internalized the message that it matters VERY MUCH what other people think of me.

What I realize now is that being so concerned with what the neighbors and other people thought of us back then meant we were denying our own inner guidance and our own right to choose the best way to live and especially our own right to choose what feels good to us.

“What will the neighbors think” morphed into what will anyone and everyone – except me – think about me!!! Believing that I was constantly being judged and that it was extremely important not to be judged negatively, my connection with my True Self became tenuous at best.

While I remained in the prison of what other people think of me, my external guidance was playing at full volume and my inner guidance was often set on mute.

“It’s just about being you and being cool with that.”
– Carmine Gallo

Subtly and stealthily, I learned to let the way other people felt about me determine how I felt about myself. Which lead to trying to get other people – especially significant others – to like me so I could like myself.

Can you imagine? Trying to get other people to like and approve of me in order to like and approve of myself!

Well, it made sense at the time. Actually, it never made sense. It just became the game I was playing. The impossible game of trying to feel good about myself while believing it matters desperately what other people think of me!

When I first heard Abraham’s guidance to not give a rip what other people think, I was thrilled at the idea but I had no clue where to begin.

I had always liked the aphorism “happiness is an inside job” and decided to figure out what that actually means. I finally – halleluiah! – started looking inside to feel good. There were shaky starts and setbacks, but my True Self continued to call me to feel good from the inside out.

I set intentions, recited affirmations and practiced new beliefs. Most importantly, I made friends with my Inner Being and decided if my Inner Being and I feel good about me, that’s enough for me.

Now, with rare exceptions, I celebrate each day that:

I Feel Good from the Inside Out and
I No Longer Need Other People or Circumstances
To Make Me Feel Good!!!

And that, my friend, is #freedom!!!