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The joy I have – the world didn’t give it,
the world can’t take it away.”
– Shirley Caesar, gospel singer

Sally, age 35, has true clarity that happiness comes from the Inside Out and she makes it her highest priority to be happy regardless of circumstances.  The more she practices looking inside for her happiness, the more happiness, freedom and empowerment she feels.  As she continues to develop her capacity to be happy on the inside regardless of conditions on the outside, the more her external conditions bring her reasons to be happy.  While Sally knows that happy circumstances cannot make her truly happy, she proves every day that being happy can and does create happy circumstances.   [Read More. . .]


Three Steps To A Happy, Healthy Life

“The successful warrior is the average man,
with laser-like focus.”
– Bruce Lee

seethelight200As a Law of Attraction Life Coach, I consider myself to be in the Happy, Healthy Life business. As such, I enjoy making a study of the best ways to attain and maintain health and happiness.

As there are hundreds of processes and perspectives to apply toward the goal of health and happiness, I decided to see if I could boil them all down to three steps that will work for anyone anytime anywhere. Here’s what I came up with:   [Read More. . .]