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Limiting Beliefs and Other Stinking Thinking

“There is no Non-Physical Source of darkness, sickness,
confusion or evil.  There is only the Stream of Well-Being
and it is flowing toward you at all times.”
– Abraham-Hicks

Im / possibleLimiting beliefs – we’ve all got them.  You can’t grow up human without absorbing some of the limiting beliefs of your parents, culture or society.  Limiting beliefs don’t feel good when you think them – that’s how you know you’ve got some stinking thinking going on.  Fortunately, your emotional guidance system is always on the job to alert you when you begin thinking thoughts that don’t serve you.

So why care?  Because any belief, thought, or attitude that restricts or disempowers you – any thought that feels bad when you think it – blocks the natural flow of Well-Being that would otherwise be yours.  Limiting beliefs act as resistance to the people, things and experiences you desire to attract.  

As you uncover your own stinking thinking, you are then able to consciously choose thoughts that contribute to your happiness rather than undermine it. As you shine a light on your limiting beliefs, you are then able to replace them with empowering beliefs.

Here’s a list of twelve limiting beliefs I have identified.  You may resonate with some of these and you may have your own personal favorites. [Read More. . .]