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Dining at the Cosmic Café – How to Be and Do and Have Whatever You Desire

by Kate Corbin

Dining at the Cosmic Cafe cover

Dining at the Cosmic Café explains how to apply the infinite power of the Law of Attraction to create your own reality. It reveals how life works and outlines the rules of the game. It provides a deep understanding of this extraordinarily life-enhancing, joyful and empowering universal law in a way that’s both fun and easy to apply.

Dining at the Cosmic Café
gold stardescribes the secrets to living a life filled with more joy than you ever thought possible
gold starteaches you how to design and create your ideal life – including harmonious relationships, excellent health and fitness, financial prosperity, and more
gold starexplains – in 43 easy-to-read chapters and 34 fun processes – how to manifest anything your heart desires

As you begin to understand and apply the principles presented in this book, your life will be transformed in extraordinary ways. You will experience:
gold staryour dreams coming true
gold staryour life getting better every day
gold stareverything unfolding perfectly for you

With Dining at the Cosmic Café as your guide, you will never again:
gold starbe stuck in an unhappy life
gold starbe tempted to give up on your dreams
gold starsettle for less than you truly desire

Now, with the support of Dining at the Cosmic Café, you will be fully empowered to:
gold starlive your life as a fun and fabulous adventure
gold starconfidently believe in yourself and your abilities
gold starorder and receive anything you desire from the Cosmic Café.

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As you read, you will gain knowledge of the Law of Attraction secrets to joy, abundance, vibrant good health and fulfilling relationships; you will know in your bones that you are the conscious creator of your own precious life; and you will dramatically expand your understanding of what’s possible for yourself and your life.


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