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How To Create Joyful Relationships

“Shower the people you love with love.”
– James Taylor

Charlie Brown and SnoopyAs most of us have experienced, relationships can bring us our greatest joys as well as our deepest sorrows. Relationships are such an integral part of our lives that the quality of our relationships often determines the overall quality of our lives. How, then, can we experience relationships that lift us up rather than drag us down? By exposing limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering beliefs, we can all experience the Magic of Joyful Relationships.

To consciously create the happy, healthy relationships we desire, let’s start by taking a look at: [Read More. . .]

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Put Yourself First!

“Remember to put your own oxygen mask on
first before assisting others.”
– Airline Attendants

Become a priority in your life.
Does the thought of putting yourself first shock you? Scare you? Make you angry?

I know some of you are saying, “That’s crazy. I have a family to take care of.”

Others are saying, “That sounds selfish. I was taught to put other people first.”

And still others are saying, “Yeah, I get it and I’m really trying to do that more often.” [Read More. . .]