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The joy I have – the world didn’t give it,
the world can’t take it away.”
– Shirley Caesar, gospel singer

Sally, age 35, has true clarity that happiness comes from the Inside Out and she makes it her highest priority to be happy regardless of circumstances.  The more she practices looking inside for her happiness, the more happiness, freedom and empowerment she feels.  As she continues to develop her capacity to be happy on the inside regardless of conditions on the outside, the more her external conditions bring her reasons to be happy.  While Sally knows that happy circumstances cannot make her truly happy, she proves every day that being happy can and does create happy circumstances.   [Read More. . .]


The Infinite Power of Your Mind

inside of a mindMy sister broke her wrist a few months ago and, although she is still in pain and has nowhere near full use of her wrist, both the surgeon and the physical therapist are telling her not to expect much more improvement.  After talking with her by phone, I wrote her a note to further encourage her and help her remember her power.  With a few edits, here is that email:   [Read More. . .]


Limiting Beliefs and Other Stinking Thinking

“There is no Non-Physical Source of darkness, sickness,
confusion or evil.  There is only the Stream of Well-Being
and it is flowing toward you at all times.”
– Abraham-Hicks

Im / possibleLimiting beliefs – we’ve all got them.  You can’t grow up human without absorbing some of the limiting beliefs of your parents, culture or society.  Limiting beliefs don’t feel good when you think them – that’s how you know you’ve got some stinking thinking going on.  Fortunately, your emotional guidance system is always on the job to alert you when you begin thinking thoughts that don’t serve you.

So why care?  Because any belief, thought, or attitude that restricts or disempowers you – any thought that feels bad when you think it – blocks the natural flow of Well-Being that would otherwise be yours.  Limiting beliefs act as resistance to the people, things and experiences you desire to attract.  

As you uncover your own stinking thinking, you are then able to consciously choose thoughts that contribute to your happiness rather than undermine it. As you shine a light on your limiting beliefs, you are then able to replace them with empowering beliefs.

Here’s a list of twelve limiting beliefs I have identified.  You may resonate with some of these and you may have your own personal favorites. [Read More. . .]

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The Magic of Feeling Go(o)d

“There are no rules to this game of life. There is just an
incessant quest that is within you to FEEL GOOD.”
– Abraham-Hicks

people jumping up and down feeling goodOK, so I kinda stole this “FEEL GO(O)D” title from the book, Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d by Candace Pert, Ph.D. Some of you may remember Pert from the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know!? or you may know her from her Hay House workshops. So, yes, I borrowed her “FEEL GO(O)D” idea because it is so perfect.

“FEEL GO(O)D” says it all. It clarifies that Feeling Good and Feeling God are one and the same. It’s a reminder that when your vibration is sky high, when you’re feeling your very best, you are your most connected with Source / God / your Inner Being. The better you feel, the stronger your connection. The Less Good you feel, the Less God you feel.

“Feeling good isn’t just physical or emotional, but spiritual, which is where God – or whatever aspect of divinity you can relate to – comes in,” writes Pert. She reports coming to a place where she no longer sees feeling good and feeling God as separate.

“If you’re connected to the divine, you’ll always feel fine!”
– Adam Helfer

Many people ask, “What’s the point of just feeling good?” They say, “Give me what I want. When I have what I want, then I’ll feel good.” They say, “I’ll feel good when . . .”  Well, here’s the thing. You’ve got to feel good first. When you Feel Go(o)d first, you align with Source. When you align with Source, you become a vibrational match to your desires and your desires manifest.

Not only is Feeling Good a magnet for your desires, it’s also the real reason you want the job / relationship / money / health / sleek physique, etc. What you really want – every single time – is to FEEL GO(O)D!

Pert concludes, “at the end of the day, all people really want to know is how to feel good.” And, according to Pert, the very best way to feel good (and thus to feel God) is TO LOVE and to start by loving yourself. She suggests, “If you want to feel good, I can tell you this: Just love.”

“If you had one goal, and that was to feel good,
you would never again need to hear another word from anyone.
You would live successfully and happily
and in a way of fulfilling your life’s purpose ever after.”

– Abraham-Hicks

More good news from Dr. Pert’s research is that humans are hardwired to experience pleasure due to the abundance of receptors for bliss chemicals located in our frontal cortex. Hardwired for pleasure! Bliss chemicals! Yay!

When you Feel Go(o)d, you create a reality that Feels Go(o)d. When you Feel Go(o)d, you’re a magnet for circumstances that Feel Go(o)d.

If you have an unshakeable desire to Feel Go(o)d, you will make every decision based on whether it Feels Go(o)d or not. If you make Feeling Go(o)d your primary focus, you will live from a place of connection. You will Feel Good and you will Feel God.

My wish for you, dear friend, is to FEEL GO(O)D all the time – plugged in to Source, happy and at ease, healthy-wealthy-wise, fulfilled, inspired, passionate, enthusiastic, confident, energized, appreciative, and loving.

You’re hardwired to experience pleasure, so go for it.



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Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

“A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.”
– Goethe

happy and sad face masksThe title of this article is, of course, a take-off on the popular 1978 book, When Bad Things Happen to Good People.  I never actually read the book, so I don’t know how the author explains this concept.  I imagine, since it was written by a rabbi, that the answer has something to do with God’s plan and perhaps the value of overcoming difficulties [turning poison into medicine, as the Buddhists say.]

Over the years, my own answer to the question of why bad things happen to good people has changed dramatically.  For example, in my 20’s, I may have responded that life is inherently unfair.  A decade or so later, I would have played the karma card – bad things happen to good people as karmic retribution for misdeeds in a past life. [Read More. . .]