Law of Attraction Coach

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Meet Kate

kate200Kate, Law of Attraction Coach, at your service!

Emissary of Source:
In the summer of 2005, a few months after the Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks entered my life via the book, Ask and It is Given, I received a message from my Inner Being. The exact message was, “You could be a Life Coach.”Best Law of Attraction Coach badge

And my response? “That sounds great! What’s a Life Coach?” I had never even heard of life coaching back then. But I intuitively knew I was being guided to become a Law of Attraction Coach.

From the day Ask and It Is Given found its way to me, everything changed! The joyful, life-enhancing philosophy presented by Abraham resonated in the deepest part of my life. Someone was finally saying what I had always known to be true.

It is because of that inner guidance to become a Law of Attraction Life Coach that I call myself an Emissary of Source. I am honored beyond words that I was called to do this work.

Connection Specialist:
One of my favorite aspects of coaching is reminding clients Who They Really Are. According to Abraham, we are all – every single one of us – a physical extension of Source.

When we plug into Source and maintain a strong connection by simply feeling as good as we can, life unfolds in wonderful and amazing ways. We find that life is actually much easier and much more fun than we were taught. We realize that we are always guided, loved and supported by a Universe of Absolute Well-Being.

Bigness Awakener:
As I awaken Bigness in myself by maintaining a strong connection with Source, I am able to awaken Bigness in others. So many of us live our lives committed to smallness – hiding out, playing it safe, being less than we can be because we’re afraid we’re not good enough.

Your True Self – Who You Really Are – knows better. Your True Self has never forgotten that you are a magnificent eternal being who came here to manifest your desires. And to have fun doing it!

As you awaken to your Bigness, you are filled with love, joy, empowerment and freedom. You are able to live your life; no longer living by the dictates of others. You take back your power to consciously create your own reality – a reality you truly desire!