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Financial Abundance From The Inside Out


“Financial abundance is simply the Universe’s response 
to consistent thoughts and feelings of abundance.”
– Abraham-Hicks

Think Abundantly, Energy follows IntentionThe Law of Attraction teaches that, in order to manifest a desire, you must first achieve the vibration of that desire.  So, if you have a desire to create more financial abundance, you must first achieve the vibration [feeling] of financial abundance. With money, as with everything else, your inner world creates your outer world.

Clearly, if you’re not currently enjoying the level of prosperity you desire, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to feel abundance and prosperity.  In order to change the printout, you must first change the program.

Processes to the rescue!  

Following are four sure-fire ways to help you amp up your money vibration and get to the feeling place of having the financial life you desire.

gold starNotice Your Self-Talk.  As you go through your day, listen for disempowering thoughts such as “I could never afford that.” “I can’t believe how much that costs.”  “That’s for rich people – not for me.”  Then, replace all thoughts of lack and limitation with empowering affirmations of abundance and prosperity.

gold starAffirm Your Abundance.  Affirmations create on the inside what you would like to create on the outside.  These are some of my favorite money affirmations:
gold starI am a powerful money magnet.
gold starMoney flows to me easily and joyfully.
gold starThere is always enough.
gold starEverybody wants to give me money and gifts.
gold starI love money and money loves me.
gold starI open my arms wide and embrace the lavish abundance that is mine
for the taking!

gold starClean Up Your Relationship with Money.  Really check inside for the answers to these questions:
gold starDo I respect money?
gold starDo I love and appreciate money?
gold starAm I a good money manager?
gold starDo I maintain only smart debt?
gold starIs my money working for me?
gold starDo I believe I deserve plenty of money?
gold starDo I believe there’s always enough?
gold starIs money fun?

As in any relationship, it matters very much whether you value money or take it for granted; whether you respect it or disrespect it; whether you feel worthy and deserving or not quite good enough.

gold starKeep a Magical Abundance Journal.  This process is fun and easy AND it turns you into a magnet for greater abundance.  Whenever you receive money or gifts — document it, appreciate it and celebrate it.  As Abraham says, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.  It’s better than that!”  Money grows from your positive and appreciative focus on it.

The Law of Attraction matches your vibration.  That’s its one and only job.  Therefore, to create more abundance in your life, FEEL your ever-flowing, ever-expanding abundance.  As you do so, you broadcast a clear vibration of abundance and the Law of Attraction has no choice but to match it with – yes – more abundance!

To be clear, financial abundance is not the goal here.  The goal is to enjoy your life.  Money is simply a tool to enhance your enjoyment of life.  If, indeed, you are interested in attracting more of the things that money can buy, you’re in luck.  Today is the perfect day to begin creating financial abundance from the Inside Out!

2 thoughts on “Financial Abundance From The Inside Out

  1. My favorite money affirmation is “I LOVE money and money loves me!” And yay! for the Magical Abundance Journal!!!


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