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What Negative Emotion Really Means

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When you feel negative emotion, it always means there is a desire
within you that you are contradicting with some other thought.”
– Abraham-Hicks

negative emotion on child's faceIt had been a wonderful Thanksgiving in every way.  The weather was gorgeous and clear, in the high 60’s.  The food was abundant and delicious.  Friends and family were joyful and appreciative.  Truly a stellar Thanksgiving!

And that’s why I was so surprised to wake up the next day feeling awful.  I mean gnarly.  What the &%#@)?

For reasons that passeth understanding, my vibration was through the floor.  Worst feelings ever – not good enough, worthless, blah blah blah!

For a while, I was tempted to believe all those terrible feelings.  Negative emotions can be awfully persuasive, can’t they?

Until I remembered that negative emotions are messengers bringing us information about where our vibration is.

And that negative emotions are not to be believed or acted upon.

In a higher vibration, those negative emotions are simply not available to us.  In a higher vibration, we’re not a vibrational match to the yuck.

Remembering that, I was able to confidently say to myself, “Don’t go there!  Those bad feelings are informing you that your vibration is low.”

That’s all that’s happening here.

Negative emotion means:
gold starWe’re in a state of resistance [and resistance stops desires in their tracks.]
gold starWe’re currently focused on what we don’t want and are, therefore, in the process of attracting what we don’t want.
gold starWe’re thinking thoughts that restrict our natural flow of Well-Being.
gold starWe’ve wandered away from the Source perspective.

Negative emotion says, “Hey, sorry to bother you, I’m here to let you know you’ve put up a great big roadblock between you and your happiness and, oh, yeah, that roadblock keeps all your desires at bay.  In case you were interested.”

Negative emotion isn’t a bad thing really (although it sure feels bad).  It’s actually our friend.  It gives us feedback – like when we touch a hot stove.

Although we appreciate the feedback from a hot stove, we often undervalue the message we receive from negative emotion.

Negative emotion gets a bad rap.  At first, we want to shoot the messenger.

Until we realize we both want and need the information negative emotion has for us.

It’s a perfect system.  When our vibration is low, we experience emotions that feel bad.  End of story.

So, really, isn’t it perfect that negative emotion feels bad?  Since we want more than anything to feel good, feeling bad definitely gets our attention.

It’s a wake up call.  “Hey, buddy, you’re doing it again.  Thought you’d like to know.”

Knowing the value and purpose of negative emotion, let’s see if we can accept negative emotion as the messenger it is.

And let’s refuse to feed negative emotion with our attention and focus.

And, no matter what, let’s avoid beating up on ourselves for feeling negative emotion.  OK?

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